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Imagine you’ve just landed in Berlin and need a place to store your suitcases, snowboard, or cello for the day because your Airbnb isn’t available until 3 p.m. Rapitt lets you explore your surroundings without anything holding you back. Use Rapitt to find a local partner store that’ll store luggage for a few hours until you can settle in to your rental , join our demo in Berlin.

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Rapitt makes your life easier by helping you conveniently store, deliver, and manage the things that matter most, read our case study with team Mattermost.

Rent isn’t cheap, so there’s no sense in letting unused store space go to waste. Use Rapitt to store luggage and other bulky items to open up new revenue streams for your local store. Sign up today via friends@rapitt.com.

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Stop hauling suitcases, luggage, and other large items around places you’re visiting. Use Rapitt to safely secure your belongings so you can explore new geographies without anything slowing you down.

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Shop owners? If your store has unused storage space, you can open up a new revenue stream by using Rapitt, let us know atfriends@rapitt.com.

Earn money from your empty spaces.

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Unlock new revenue streams by partnering with Rapitt. Partner stores are the foundation of our storage and delivery platform.

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